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Pole Lima Bean Fields in Woodstown, NJ
Pole Lima Beans at La Rosa Greenhouses

La Rosa Greenhouses
910 Kings Highway
Woodstown, NJ 08098
P: 856/769-2827
F: 856/769-3600

La Rosa Greenhouses is the largest grower of Pole Lima Beans in the United States.

Carmen and Charlene La Rosa have 31 years
experience growing Pole Lima Beans. They love
their work, they love their customers, and they grow the best-tasting pole lima beans you'll ever have the pleasure to eat.

Every morning in season, people come from all over South Jersey to get their fresh picked pole limas. Wholesalers, farm markets and grocers load their trucks. Carmen also sells to the individual.

The grounds of La Rosa Greenhouses are gorgeous - a beautifully landscaped plantation with Pole Lima Beans, Mums, Asters, Pansies & Kale, Poinsettias, Hanging Baskets & Potted Plants, Bedding Plants, and Vegetables, Perennials & Herbs, with six acres of greenhouses and 32+ acres under cultivation.

While there, visit the retail store or ask for a tour of the greenhouse "range" as Carmen calls the spacious greenhouses that are filled with young poinsettias during pole lima bean season - or go "out back" and see what "the mum fields" - 210,000 beautiful chrysanthemums - look like in bloom.


sorting the pole lima beanspole limas unshelled, ready for marketpole lima bean sheller

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