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Lima beans were first cultivated in Peru around 6000 B.C. The name comes from the capital city of Peru, Lima. Today most lima beans are grown in the US with NJ as a major growing area. Lima beans are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates and their smooth, creamy texture and delicious taste make great side dishes and even a wonderful main course. One cup of lima beans will give 70% of the daily fiber your knock off rolex diet should include.

Fresh pole lima beans are found in Woodstown, NJ where La Rosa Greenhouses cultivates 21 acres and sells them fresh everyday in season, which runs from the 1st week of August through the 2nd week of October, or shortly after the 1st frost. Carmen La Rosa started growing pole lima beans 31 years ago with one row, today there are 21 acres under cultivation. One to two hundred 1/2 bushel baskets are picked every morning in season and sold out of the bean processing warehouse to wholesalers and the public.

La Rosa’s pole lima beans Replica rolex are firm, free of blemishes, dark green and glossy. Fresh pole lima beans are very difficult to find because they are extremely perishable, for this reason it is worth a drive to La Rosa Greenhouses and AAA Replica Rolex pick up a basket that was picked only a couple hours earlier.

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